September 13, 2008

Cheap international mobile web access for all...

So my Mum is on a visit from the UK at the moment and one thing she did was but a new mobile phone for the trip.

She wanted to keep in contact with my sister back in the UK and with my Nan, but her old mobile phone would not work in the USA.  So she went to her local Tesco's and purchased one for £20 and what a bargain it was! on mobileThis Motorola W377 phone can browse the internet, send SMS, work overseas, pick up FM radio, take photos and a whole host of other features.  All for less than $40.  Now it is a pay-as-you-go phone through Virgin, so pulling my web site up & checking voice mail  did deplete the funds a little, but still, to buy the same spec over here is around $80.

I think this shows the leaps & bounds the rest of the world has got over the USA on mobile acceptance.  That I could go and get a fully-featured phone, that will do what I need, for little expense and I would have no qualms ditching it if I wanted too after a trip.

Also, by using CSS on my freelance web design site pulled it up fairly fast and was usable.

update: Apparently all the calls my Mum makes she will recieve Tesco reward points (same as if she went shopping) which she can use towards gas etc.  Great idea all round.

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