October 29, 2008

LinkedIn applications are here

A while ago a group of us were chatting about LinkedIn and how it still didn't offer a lot of the social network doo-dads that others sites, such as Facebook, does. Since then there has been a slow procession of functionality creeping into my Profile.

First there was Answers, which let you post, & reply to, questions from other users.  Then, after a redesign, came Groups and the ability to update your status.

Now LinkedIn has introduced Applications.  This lets you embed applications along the same lines as Facebook.  They are business-oriented; SlideShare, Company Buzz, and Huddle to name a few.

I've added SlideShare but I'm getting a lot of server errors when viewing which I'm hoping is down to volume at the moment.

It'll be interesting how far they go along this route and truly become a "Facebook for business".

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John Ettorre said...

Actually, for some people (myself decidedly among them) all that added functionality and those doo dads will make Linkedin less useful and interesting. We liked it primarily because it was more focused as a business tool for people who are serious about connecting for business purposes, and didn't (and still don't) want to be bothered with all the extras, or have to spend any additional seconds figuring out the new parts of the tool. For those who find Facebook (or, egad, Twitter) useful, I say great, by all means use them. But I'd prefer that Linkedin stop trying to be like those other tools, and concentrate more on what it does better, and differently. Anyway, good luck in your new life at Progressive.

David Mead said...

Hi John,

I know what you mean. Though a Twitter fan I do appreciate that LinkedIn has remained fairly uncluttered.

I can see the SlideShare integration being useful (I have set up), but some of the other apps that are sure to come along will chip away at its simplicity.